Open Art Code Florence 2018

Exchange Show in Seoul Korea         With Japanese Artists in FuKuoka     Exchange Show in Thailand                Group Exhibition in Germany  

At La Artcore with Lydia              Traveling Companion at Gallery Western   At Korean Culture Center in Mexico City     "The Colors Within" in Albuquerque               "Pursue of Beauty" in Tokyo      

Born in Korea, and educated in Seoul Korea.

BFA from Sungshin Women's University.

MFA from Graduate School Sungshin Women's University Seoul Korea.

I've lived near Los Angeles in California for around twenty years and

have done eighth solo show in Seoul Korea and California U.S.A since 1990.

I have done various group exhibitions and international exchange

shows from 1988 until now.

I have four years experience as a curator, and

Served as a board members at LA Artcore since 2014-2016. 

A member of Korean Artists Association in Southern California.

A member of LA artists association since 2017