The vitality and changing are an indication of living, exiting and surviving. Though a view is calm and peaceful, but all of the elements in nature are doing something for living. The vigor foe living and flowing about existing are themes of the artworks. lots of artists were inspired by nature and have been making art in their ways.
In my case, I took a different approach dealing with industrial material, contemporary,layers and unique feeling to stand out and have a different composition. I majored sculpture and used  the materials from my experience about handling three dimensional art. 

Vitality in Nature 3  Mixed Media 48x36  2012

Desert flower  Mixed Media 12x3.3 each 2013

California 1 Mixed Media  40x5.75 each

Vitality in Nature

Vitality in Nature 2 Mixed Media 48x36    2012

Memory of Mexico City-photo tape and Acrylic Paint on wood bars  40x52

Vitality in Nature 2 Mixed Media 48x36    2012

Palm Trees  Mixed Media 12x3.3 each 2014